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S3 Station Testimonies

SALVATION TESTIMONIES "I had the privilege of leading three people to Jesus in the past two weeks." -Susan LaBauve (November 2015) "Jason Porier and I took our lunch break and decided to go in the streets of downtown Baton Rouge armed with the


The vision of God for RMI is to preach the Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ local, regional, national, and international. (Acts 1:8) Pastor and teach men, women, and children how to be biblically victorious in every facet of life. Prepare and


"I love my wife Susan, my three children, I work hard, and I pay all of my bills.  I love a good Kombucha!  (Google it, you’ll like it!)  Texas de Brazil is my favorite restaurant.  Andrew Zimmern is my eatery friend “I will eat


Come check out Transformed Youth, led by Youth Pastors Kade & Shelbi Loupe. The reason we are called Transformed Youth is because we are constantly changing and evolving into what God has called us to be! We want to teach teens to read their


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